Marketing / Production

Nashville Event Marketing & Production

Are you a beginner or mid-level actor, singer, model, business professional, or business owner committed to taking your endeavors to the next level? At LTSEvents we are a Nashville event marketing & production company focused on producing affordable and cost-effective marketing projects, such as videos, commercials, bios, resumes, cover letters, press kits, demos/reels, portfolios, comp cards, and promotional materials for talented people who are serious about investing their time, effort, and resources in an effort to take their endeavors to the next level. Our Nashville event marketing & production team includes award-winning film directors, editors, writers, stylists, photographers, make-up artists, and set-designers that are capable of delivering celebrity quality products within your budget requirements. For business professionals or new business owners, our Nashville event marketing & production company also specializes in business development, such as marketing and business launch events at an affordable cost.

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